Expect perfection and excellence

At SOMA Precision, we believe that perfection and excellence
consist of the following ingredients and beliefs:

  1. High-quality machinery built to exacting, repeatable standards by a reputable machine builder with a tradition in excellence. This is why we chose Mazak for our 5-axis CNC machine tool.
  2. Precision Swiss and German companies such as Rego-Fix for our toolholders, Lang Workholding for our 5-axis workholding, Erowa for our automation, and Zeiss for our inspection.
  3. Swiss consumables company Sandvik for our insert tooling.
  4. Local providers of stock material, toolmakers and specialty consumables companies. Because without an ecosystem of locally-made specialty tooling, we wouldn't be able to perform those specialized tasks requiring fast turn-around.


You will be always able to find a company who can do it for less. We don't compete on price. We compete on excellence, perfection and a willingness to go the extra mile for the long run.